Transfers Fall 2009?

<p>I applied as a transfer student for Fall 2009 and still havent heard back! Has anyone heard??
When do you think we will hear by?</p>

<p>Well, the deadline was just last weekend. I got an email saying that the committee had started and we will hear back asap. I am guessing mid april to may. LMU lets you hear back really fast.</p>

<p>The deadline was two weeks ago from tomorrow, but I had everything in by the end of February. Did you receive an email regarding MyAid? Does everyone who applied get that email?</p>

<p>hey, i applied as a transfer and when i called, they said it would be by the 15th of april, but more or less shorter than that>
I got the email as well, i think its just protocol, for thhose who applied for financial aid</p>

<p>Ok Thanks for letting me know! What major did you apply under? I applied under screenwriting and I am so nervous because the school of film and television is so competitive!</p>

<p>How how of a GPA do you have to get in order to transfer into the school of film and television?</p>

<p>I applied under sociology, but I did add the fact I wanted to get a Teaching degree, or education degree, and I don't know what the GPA needed for screenwriting or film is, but I heard its extremely hard to get into, but unfortunately, I have no info on the film majors*</p>

<p>any transfer for Fall 2009 heard back yet??</p>

<p>NO :-( im getting annoyed and worried, because i cant stay at ucsc any longer</p>

<p>same here mookie! I am super nervous :( What did you apply under?</p>

<p>BA Soc and Minor IN Spanish and MA in Education</p>

<p>So... i called this morning and they said transfer applications will be reviewed this week, and that they will be sent out as soon as they are determined*</p>

<p>I called LMU yesterday, and they said that transfers wont hear back for another month!! The guy said it is a possibility to hear back earlier, but unlikely because they just finished the freshman decision and are now just started transfers! I had all my stuff in my mid February!!</p>

<p>That is really annoying, when I called a month ago they said 4 weeks and I'd hear back, its been almost 4 weeks, and they keep leading us on* This is super whack
Is it just us transferring, if you don't get in will you appeal?</p>

<p>That's so whack!!!! They told me 4 weeks a month ago, now they re saying another 4 that's ridiculous man* if you don't get in you gonna appeal?
What is your GPA so far?</p>

<p>sorry, lolxx, thought message wasnt sent the 1st time</p>

<p>I know, every time I call they tell me something different!! How do you appeal? My first semester college GPA at Loyola University Chicago was a 3.66 and this semester Im hoping to get a 3.7. I applied under screenwriting, which is super competitive, so Im nervous. But my college GPA is good and Im on the Dean's List and I go to a Jesuit school already... Im hoping that will help.</p>

<p>What about you? When did you have all your stuff in by?</p>

<p>well i have a weird situation, cuz i took college classes all in high school, and i just graduated 08" and got in to LMU, but instead i went to ucsc, and now im trying to transfer and my cum. combined gpa from my comm, coll. is a 2.79 and my gpa from first quarter is a 2.65 cuz i had a B, C, and P(which doesnt contribute to my gpa) so i look pretty dumb, lolxx, but winter quarter i got a 3.56, cum. 3.2, so since my situation is so different, i cant really say confidently ill get in again. but i sent everything by like mid-feb.</p>

<p>I graduated High school 08 also. If you were accepted your senior year, you should be fine right? I mean your GPA at Santa Cruz was good and you are not applying in a super competitive field of major so I think your good to be honest.</p>

<p>Ahhh I just want to know but I have to be patient.</p>

<p>i kno, like im going crazy trying to be patient, i dont think i know how really. but they said the cumulative has to be 3.0 and im like well mine is not necessarily that, so idk how to feel or act.</p>