Transfers of 2006, please come in and share your stats!

<p>I think someone else has created a similar thread like this but anyways, this would serve as many of our final posts on CC so here let's get started.</p>

<p>From: CCC</p>

<p>Applied to:
California State Universities: Pomona, Long Beach, Los Angeles
University of California: Los Angeles (UCLA) , Berkeley (CAL) , San Diego (UCSD), Irvine (UCI), Riverside (UCR)
Private: University of Southern California (USC)</p>

<p>Accepted: ALL schools that I applied to
Rejected: NONE
Major: Either Electrical Engineering or Math/Applied Science
GPA: 3.76 (at the end of Spring 2006) and 3.69 (at the time I was applying)
Units completed: 70 semester units at the end of Spring
Prerequisites: Missing one or two
Major GPA: Straight A in math and straight B in physics</p>

<p>ATTENDING: UCLA!!!!!! Class of 2008!!!!!! GO BRUINS! </p>

<p>note: Please follow this format to share your stats:
From: </p>

<p>Applied to: </p>

GPA: (at the end of Spring 2006) and (at the time I was applying)
Units completed:
Major GPA: </p>

<p>ATTENDING: </p>

<p>Any other comments:</p>