<p>Did transfers find out yet?</p>

<p>Where is Exilo and Allena?</p>

<p>Yesterday was a big day for lots of us. </p>

<p>Im in. </p>

<p>Comm studies. </p>

<p>Exilio and Allena both were accepted (weve all been spending lots and lots of time on the transfer threads. I think I know everyone's stats by heart now).</p>

<p>i got in! im so excited! </p>


<p>Yup found out Wednesday, submitted my SIR last night! Very proud to be a Bruin!!!</p>

<p>I'm a BRUIN BABY!!!</p>


<p>SIR submitted within 30min of notification, deposit paid and my UCLA hat ordered...oh yeah!</p>

<p>Hahahah...have fun at UCLA! You all deserve it.</p>