Transient Student Impact on Dental School Admission

I attend UAB, and I’m currently taking introductory Biology 1. The class is known as the weed-out class, and it is made unnecessarily harder for no reason as told by many of the upperclassmen students. The class is a big struggle, and I am most likely going to withdraw. However, when I retake it, I would have to do in my home state as summer classes are expensive out of state. If I were to retake it this summer, I would like to do it at Georgia State University, which is a 4 year university, and the credits would transfer as well as the grade, and it would raise my GPA as I am positive I would hopefully receive an A at the institution. However, summer courses are expensive here as they are $291 per credit hour. Therefore, I have considered of taking it at a closer and cheaper ($150 per credit hour) 4 year university known as Georgia Gwinnett College. This college is an accredited 4 year university, but it isn’t as reputable as Georgia State University. So, I was wondering if any of this would impact my admissions for dental school. I am a second semester freshman, and this is definitely the only and last Withdrawal I plan on having my transcript.

P.S: I plan on taking Biology 2 the summer after next at whichever Georgia institution is recommended by y’all in the thread.