Transition Into College On Move-In Day

Hello Everyone,

I have a few quick questions that are easy to answer. So, I’m moving into my college dorm for the spring 2022 semester and I was wondering what supplies/materials should I bring for my dorm room? If I have to go shopping, where can I get the best or cheapest deals on dorm supplies?**

-Thank you

There are so many answers to this very general question. You can start with this:

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Once you have your list, also factor in the convenience of buying close to your college (if it is not too rural) vs buying in advance and having to transport. My D liked shopping at Ikea, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Also, less is more. Start with the basics. Amazon delivers if you need something later. :grinning: Good luck and enjoy your new school!


The first step would be to find out what it is that is supplied, allowed, or discouraged. Some colleges will allow printers, other’s don’t. Some people even regulate the type of extension cords.

Next consider how small your assigned closet/cabinet space is - can you fit more than would fit in two suit cases?
Below-bed-storage and similar organizers are helpful.

Some items, like coffee-makers, fridge, etc. may be shared with a room mate. Those kind of things should be left until you have coordinated who brings what.

If you look around your current room, think of whatever you actually used in the past month. Chances are, you won’t miss it if you don’t bring it.

Early-graduating seniors, or people moving into apartments are often eager to sell fridges or other items at the cheap. Check if your college has some sort of “second hand” sale or online group - in which case you don’t have to bring those items.


thank you, i will add these items to my shopping list

thank you