Transportation from Boston to Bates

<p>Does anyone know the best way to get from Bates to Boston? Is there any type of public transportation that does this route? I know there is a bus that goes from Bowdoin to Boston (with some stops in between), so I’m wondering if Bates has anything like this. </p>


<p>Vermont Trailways bus to Lewiston from Boston - about 3.5 hours each way. You can walk to campus from the bus station in about 20 minutes, or take a cab.</p>

<p>In my notes from yesterday's info session, I have that Bates has shuttle buses to sunday river and/or sugarloaf (not sure on details), freeport, Boston and for seniors (why seniors?) to Portland. My impression would be that if that are Bates run, that they would also be free. I would put in a quick call to admissions. Their office has been very nice and helpful on the phone.</p>

<p>If you can get from Bates to Portland, you can take the downeaster amtrack train into Boston...</p>