Transportation to airports-Thanksgiving

<p>I am already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving. (New parent tip---the second most important thing to do after paying your admissions deposit is to book your thanksgiving flight!) Its much cheaper for my d to fly in and out of Boston, but will there be affordable and convenient transportation to the airport? Looks like there are plenty of services, but I assume students pool rides. Is this done in a concerted way by students? Will the college run busses? Any insight would be appreciated!</p>

<p>My D is finiahing her 1st year and we are from NYC. MHC does not run busses to Boston for Thanksgiving, as far as I know. Peter Pan goes to Boston through Springfield. The busses at breaks are jam packed. The bus to Springfield actually stops on campus, which not many LACs can say.</p>

<p>The college per se does not run busses to airports, however SOME years (not all) during my daughter's four years, the student organization ran the van to Bradley (Hartford)...I'm not sure about Logan. Also, the students have was of communicating ride sharing opportunities. It depends on whether you are willing to leave things "up in the air" until your daughter figures it out.</p>

<p>You might want to take a look at the Peter Pan schedules: Peter</a> Pan Bus </p>

<p>When our daughter flew (once Southwest discontinued it's route and the fares went sky high she took the train), she went through Bradley. I have to say that, though not the cheapest, we had excellent service with the Valley Transporter. They were most reliable, both to/from the airport or the train station in Springfield.</p>

<p>Congratulations on your daughter's acceptance to and choice of Mount Holyoke!</p>

<p>If you can get to UMass via PVTA, I think Peter Pan runs from UMass to Boston, via Springfield.</p>

Can your D fly out of Hartford? We discovered that although the flights are cheaper out of Boston, when we factored in the time involved, number of transfers, and $ getting between Boston and campus, Hartford was the better/equal deal. Of course, this depends where you are from. And there are regular shuttles going to/from Hartford airport, from MHC campus. Good luck!</p>

<p>Ok. Thanks! Her sister will be flying out of Boston, and the fares are higher out of Bradley. Hmmm. Will have to sort this one out.</p>

<p>I use Boston and Bradley both for my Amherst daughter, depending of course on fares. She has used the Peter Pan to Boston with no problems for 3 years. On a holiday such as Thanksgiving, we splurge the extra $5 for priority boarding which allows her to board before others even if she shows up at the stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives and there are 10 other people ahead of her that don't have priority. She has always insisted it has never been necessary, but it makes me feel better. :) Peter Pan also has wi-fi which helps pass the time.</p>

<p>Good to know! Thanks!</p>

<p>There might be pool rides with those who have cars. If not, there is a Peter Pan bus stop at Umass which either goes straight to Boston or briefly stops at Springfield and continues to South Station. From South Station, your daughter can take the T (Boston's train system) to the Airport station to go to the airport. I hope this helped a bit. </p>

<p>Please also note that a lot of the times Peter Pan will overbook their buses, even with a priority seating so please take that into account (it's happened to me twice out of the four times I used Peter Pan). One suggestion is seeing if your daughter can get a ride to Boston from a Bostonian student and taking the T from there.</p>

<p>Actually, Peter Pan stops at MHC. (also more frequently at Northampton), and Peter Pan goes to Boston's airport. Check the Peter Pan website.</p>

<p>From South Station, the Silver Line goes right to Logan, stopping at all terminals.$2.00 each way.</p>