Transportation to and from NWK or PHL airports from Muhlenberg

Anyone with current students at Muhlenberg know how easy or difficult it is for the kids to get from campus to/from nwk or phl airports?
I know there is a shuttle ($75/each way) for school breaks but looks like it’s a set time and only once. What about getting there other weekends or days not official breaks? Any other reasonable shuttle services besides spending $100+ on Uber each way?

There are shuttles to and from the airport in Allentown around all breaks. It’s also a quick Uber ride at other times. Allentown also has bus service to Philly and NYC. We didn’t use the airport shuttles but were aware of them and knew many students who made use of them. We did use them at other times for trips in and around Allentown. The volunteer drivers are outstanding in helping students without transportation get to where they need to be.

My DD just pays $50 more and flies American directly out of Allentown. Shuttle Steve is free from school to the airport.