Transportation To/From UCLA

<p>Alright, after a hellish 2 hours, I finally registered for Orientation 203. Now for my next problem: How the hell am I going to get there from San Jose and back? Anybody have suggestions?</p>

<p>it might be too late to get good prices for flights...</p>

<p>driving is nuts..don't do it..</p>

<p>amtrak? get on the coastline one and enjoy the view</p>

<p>The train is a great way to travel. I agree with Jane. And see you at 203!</p>

<p>Plus, Westwood/UCLA has its own station</p>

<p>Oh, that covers my arrival quite nicely. The problem is that the UCLA orientation ends at about 9 PM, and there are no buses/trains back up at that time. I really don't want to shell out another $130 to stay the night. I could take greyhound, but I don't know how I would get there from 9.</p>

<p>I'm from San Jose! Take the VIETNAMESE BUS! $80 RT <3

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<p>Ahaha my friends told me about that. They said that they stopped giving out free sandwiches though. And the wifi doesn't always work. Boo. Thanks though.</p>

<p>last southwest flights are around 940 pm and orientation ends at 9pm. looks like driving is the most likely option at this point -____-</p>

<p>Yeah, I wish they at least had 1 midnight flight. But no such luck.</p>

<p>The Greyhound bus runs late at night...the only problem is there aren't stations in Westwood so you have to take a bus, for 30 minutes according to Google Maps =P That would be a little bit scary at dark.</p>

<p>Yeah, that's what I heard too. I'll be traveling alone, and I'm kinda small, so I REALLY don't think that'll be a good idea.</p>