Trasnfer 2011, Junior, Which schools??

I am a student who wish to transfer to any decent engineering program in US
and here is some background info about me;</p>

<p>I am a south korean citizen but will become US permanent resident soon (and will apply to schools as a permanent resident, not international)</p>

<p>High School
gpa: 93/100
great extra curr.</p>

<p>University (not CC)
University of Toronto, Canada.
Major: Mechanical engineering
gpa: 3.8/4.0
ec: too weak to mention.. I really focused on academics..</p>

<p>I have taken SAT once but I took it without preparing for it and pretty much bombed it.</p>

<p>Any recommendations as to which schools students like me (no SAT score, weak ec, but decent gpa) should apply to ?
I originally wanted to apply to JHU, UIUC, University of Mich, Ann Arbor, UNC Chapel Hill, Univ. of Washington, Seattle. Am I completely out of luck with these schools?
Lastly, does anyone know any school with engineering program that accept a larger number of transfer students ? I really dont care which school I get to attend at this moment.. I just want to increase my chance of getting accepted to any US university..</p>

<p>hope to get some replies</p>

<p>apply to UNC as a transfer for you're junior year, u'll get in
same with all except JHU</p>