trasnfer NYU stern chances

<p>Im currently attending community college in california and want to trasnfer to NYU i will be applying in november and will have completed all pre req but my college GPA is 3.3/3.4 ish
However i work a full time job earn over 200k a year and have plenty of experience in forex trading i was wondering what are my chances for NYU stern. Also i have a cousin who has just been accepted and will be attending this fall.</p>

<p>Definantly your GPA is going to hurt your chances of admissions. It also depends on how well you have done on your prereqs. Your full time job should provide that you have work experience but it will not overlook your GPA and high school record. By the way, I'm pretty sure NYU Stern will not ask you how much money you are making when work experience comes up.</p>

<p>The average GPA for Stern transfers is around a 3.8+. So your chances of admission are extremely slim.</p>

<p>As of now Makebank24 is right, your chances are pretty low. You can only apply for fall standing so you will still be able to get 1 semester of grades in. If you can get it up to a 3.7 you will be a competitive applicant. Although factors like what year you're applying for, SATs, hs gpa, and other ECs must be accounted for.</p>

<p>well i havent graduated HS i got my GED and the only thing holding me back was my first years GPA im doing 3 years at community college my first year gpa was 3.2/2.8 but this year i have gotten 3.8 and this semester will get 4.0 and i should be able to get the same for the next two semesters</p>

<p>Don't transfer with too many units. Colleges like NYU will understand that if you've taken a lot of units in just two years of community college is fine. But taking a lot of courses after the 2 years with your prereqs already done will look bad for admissions.</p>

<p>they'll take up to 64 transfer credits</p>