Travel as an EC?

<p>Do people list summer travel as an extracurricular?</p>

<p>On my application, I only listed travel that was part of an educational study abroad program. I would leave off vacations etc, but if you went on an educational or volunteer trip you should include it.</p>

<p>DD put it under its own heading on her resume. She had completed two school related exchanges and I think she put those under a heading called academic pursuits or something similar.</p>

<p>Ok thx.. Mine has all been vacation so I'll leave it off</p>

<p>My daughter put the vacation travels under their own heading. While there is another entire thread on this that quickly moved into a "travel just shows how much money you have" thread, I think that it is okay to put travel in. For the only interview my daughter had for a college, she sent the resume in first. The interviewer asked about her travels.</p>

<p>On my friend's resume which I made for him. He did not have a lot to put down, and he is not very wealthy, but him and his dad have traveled to something like 25 countries, in different continents, so I headed it "Global Experiences" and listed the countries underneath it.</p>

<p>If the travels are for educational or volunteering opportunities like fitzyx said then you should definitely put it down. However, if you feel that you can spark interest in the person reading your resume then you should also put it down.</p>