Travel from Rosen to Main Campus

I read that its 30 miles. Would all of your classes be on the Rosen campus? For an incoming freshman, would living on the Rosen campus make it difficult to really feel part of UCF. Would it be hard to be part of a sorority if you are a Rosen student?

I think the answer might depend on whether or not she has a car. It would be much more manageable with a car.

There are buses back and forth, but they might not correspond to her class/social schedule. The bus schedules are on the UCF website – just use the search feature and search “rosen bus.”

Yes, it’s 28-30 miles depending on route, and it’s almost all expressway – which could be good or bad, depending on traffic. In normal traffic, I’d plan on 40-45 minutes.

The other question I’d have would be whether her Freshman classes are actually going to be at Rosen, or on Main Campus, or a mix. That could make a huge difference.

D18 chose to be on main campus her first year instead of Rosen. There are several Hospitality courses offered on Main Campus along with all their GEP courses. She found it easier to not go over to Rosen for classes and she got all of GEP done before she moved over to Rosen. Not very many GEP is offered on Rosen, so your D would have to go to main campus for some classes.

As far as the Sorority, I didn’t encourage D18 to join a Sorority, because if she was going to move to Rosen it would be a pain to have to go back to main campus for meetings and events. D18 will go back to main campus for football games, but that’s about it. She loves it at Rosen and loves being close to Disney and Universal.

Having a car is very helpful, however the ways to get to main campus are all tolls roads. It’s expensive to go back and forth.

My son is a freshmen with a Rosen major. He is on main campus this year. The Intro to Hospitality class which is the first one they take for the major is offered at Rosen, on main campus and online. He really wanted to take the class at Rosen–luckily it is in person, but instead of going Tu and Th, the professor had them select to only come on one of those days. He wanted to start to feel a part of the campus. Unfortunately, no professors or admin are on campus now but at least he is getting comfortable there.

He takes the shuttle over and prefers it to driving with someone (he doesn’t have a car). He likes the downtime to listen to music or do some work. The shuttle schedule lines up well with class hours. There isn’t a ton of traffic right now due to Covid but they say that if the shuttle gets delayed in traffic, they call ahead to let the professors know the kids will be late.

I figured he would move to Rosen next year but I guess it depends on what classes he takes and where. And if can get a job at one of the parks, he will definitely live down there.