Travel Reimbursement?

<p>I'm a FA heavy student and I'm not sure if my parents or I could afford the plane ticket over [I live on the opposite side of the country], and I wasn't sure if there were any travel reimbursement programs or such?</p>

<p>Anybody heard of it before I go bother my FA advisor? [haha]</p>

<p>I havent heard of anything like that, but it always helps to fly into an airport outside of ithaca-- try a major NYC airport or syracuse, then take the bus in. Sometimes it can cut a few hundred dollars off your fare</p>

<p>many students who fly from very far travel to ithaca alone (especially on move-in day). </p>

<p>the only time i've heard of cornell paying for plane tickets is for diversity weekend hosting or pre-freshman summer programs :)</p>

<p>I talked to the FA office about a travel allowance. For me it was $1050. They failed to mention how I receive the money or if I get reimbursed at all. They are really wierd about the subject, and they have not responded to any more of my emails asking them about it. I think they just don't want to give out any money, except for those who really bother them for it. On the student center, however, I noticed a $1000 dollar excess in FA (it was cancelled by the extra $1000 incurred by the single room I was assigned) but nevertheless, I received the money. Check your student center and start crunching in some numbers, and if you don't find extra money somewhere in there, bother them until you do. I bought the plane tickets and it was about $700, one one-way and one round-trip. This is from Houston to Ithaca, with a connecting flight. I assume that with checked baggage, a hotel room, etc. It will probably surpass the $1050 mark. Buy your tickets however you can now, and reserve a hotel if your parents plan to come with you. The prices for both are increasing by the day. Good Luck.</p>

The prices for both are increasing by the day.

Yes!!!! :)</p>

<p>financial aid does have many avenues for helping students out...</p>

<p>there is a students helping students fund (run by the Student Assembly) that helped me pay 2k for dental work needed (nasty oral surgery)</p>

<p>The way it usually works is that they work the actual cost of attending Cornell - tuition, room and board, books, average spending money and travel, then they will figure out how much you could afford to pay, and that's how much FA you will receive. If they determined the total cost is 55K, and your EFC is 5K, then they will give you 50K in FA. Within that 50K, it includes your travel money. It would not include travel for your parents or family, and probably not for a trip home for every school break either. </p>

<p>No, I would be surprised if Cornell would "reimburse" you for your travel. Your FA should include your travel expense.</p>

<p>For cornell it specifically states that travel is not included in the CoA. The travel allowance is different for everyone, and not a standard amount. They don't reimburse, but they do give you the money at the beginning (at least that is what happened with me.)</p>

<p>I emailed the FA office about travel allowance but they said that it's built into the family contribution.
May I know how you got the $, mexicandelight?</p>


<p>You can ask to increase your FA for travel expenses. However, it's usually in the form of loans. :(</p>

<p>My family contribution was 2370, the summer savings expectation for students. My parent's contribution was 0. My 2370 is composed of the personal expenses and book and supplies sections of the CoA. Thus, my FC did not cover travel expenses. If your FC is expected to cover travel expenses, then they aren't gna give you the allowance.</p>

<p>take a student loan, gees. my personal contribution is around 25k$ a year which i take a loan for.</p>