Travel to and from Baylor

How do most out-of-state students travel to/from Baylor during the year? I know there is a Waco airport. Is there a way for students to find ride-shares for long rides (like to Illinois)?

We live in IL and my son is a sophomore in Baylor. He came home Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break and summer. He uses Dallas airport rather than Waco airport because there are much more flights from and to Dallas airport. There is a shuttle company(Waco streak) and it’s not hard to find ride shares.

Thank you, @3lovingmom. My son was just accepted to Baylor and we’re in NW Chicago suburbs. Glad to hear that the Dallas airport is a decent option.

Congratulations!!! My son is really happy at Baylor!

My daughter is senior at Baylor and we are from Los Angeles. We always went with Brian, he runs shuttle service anyway from and to Waco and taxi service within Waco too. Very trust worthy guy.

@3lovingmom @aschultz Which part of Illinois are you from? We’re from the west suburb of Chicago. Our D just got accepted to Baylor and we’re all so excited about it! The only hesitation she has about Baylor is that she doesn’t know anyone going there. Most of her friends are going to schools here around the midwest area. @3lovingmom Did your son know anyone going into Baylor? Does Baylor have an Illinois parents group or Illinois students group?

Also, we haven’t visited yet, but we’re making plans now to visit either during Distinguished Scholars Day on 3/30 or “know where you’re going day” or “Premier Day”. We wish we could go to at least 2 out of the 3, but flights are pretty pricey. Did you guys attend any of these events?

@gat2bm We are in the NW suburbs and in a similar position. We also don’t know anyone else considering Baylor, though my neighbor is an older alum. We drove through campus last spring break but didn’t actually tour. It is on my son’s short list so we will head there sometime this spring. He has also been admitted to Texas Tech, TCU, and Trinity University so we are deciding where we ultimately need to revisit.

Last spring we attended a Baylor recruiting event held in Elmhurst (I think) for high school juniors. I talked with some Baylor parents there and know there is a Chicago area parent group. I was told they get together for prayer meetings and put together care packages for our students. I believe Baylor held a similar event locally for seniors last year, so perhaps we’ll get an invite for that soon.

Congrats on the admission to Baylor! We are very proud to be in your company. Such an exciting time!

@aschultz Congrats to you and your son as well! So glad to know there’s a Chicago presence at Baylor!

Dallas has two airports with direct flights to Chicago. Megabus is another option to travel. It’s very affordable, as low as 1$ sometimes but usually $30-90.

We live in Boston and my D is a sophomore at Baylor. She flies out of DFW, but Southwest also flies into Dallas/Love field if Southwest is a good option for you.

There are only a couple of puddle jump flights a day out of Waco. They are pretty expensive and the times never worked with D’s schedule. Those flights go to Dallas anyway (only American flies into Waco) so she just drives to Dallas and flies out.

We shipped her car down from Boston because she has a lot of off campus commitments for mentoring, shadowing and volunteering with hospice (she is pre-med). First semester freshman year, she wasn’t too keen on driving all the way to Dallas by herself, so she got together with 3 of her OOS friends and they Uber’d together and had flights within 3-4 hours of each other. A one way Uber is about $130 so split 4 ways it was a steal.

As someone else mentioned, the Waco Streak is a very reliable shuttle service.

There are more OOS students there than you think. Chicago has a huge presence. I’ll bet it wouldn’t take long for your kiddo to find others to share an uber or shuttle together.

I am a regional parent rep for Baylor for Massachusetts. Every state has a parent assigned so you can ask questions of a parent local to your area. If you are interested, DM me and I will give you all of the info for your area.

@gat2bm and @aschultz DS is from Chicago-western suburbs and Baylor is on his short list also. On campus visit in Feb & Distinguished Scholars in March. Chicago kids find each other everywhere. DD at Villanova and they have a big group. Would love to find the Chicago Baylor parent rep and group to ask questions… @LTmomof2