traveling during breaks

hey so i live in NJ and i decided to commit to wake a couple of months ago

i never really thought the distance through. its quite far. ill be driving down there to move, but how about for breaks? i’ve never been on a plane before but i get really nervous about things so i am positive that i would freak out. other options are Amtrak (10 hours), bus (12 hours), and car (7.5 to 8 hours - depends on speed). i feel like most kids would be taking planes but i feel like im too scared ?. ugh.

honestly if i really thought this through i would’ve chosen a college that was much closer (4 hours or less). im starting to think that if its too much of a hassle then i will transfer to a closer college.

Another option is car pooling with other students.

Is Wake even having breaks this coming Fall? Most colleges have told students they are to come to campus and not leave until Thanksgiving.

At my D’s school, students that live far from home tend to not go home for the short breaks anyway. Lots of students even prefer to stay on campus.

And absolutely there will be ride share options to drive back and forth with other people. Just chip in for gas.