Traveling to/from BC

<p>Can anyone tell me how most BC students get to/from Logan Airport? I know you can get there using public transit, but I think that would be difficult when you are lugging suitcases and have to make transfers on the T. Is there any kind of shuttle bus that goes directly between BC and Logan – at least during the busiest times (beginning/end of the academic year, Christmas and spring breaks)? And if so, how much does it cost?</p>

<p>Also, we would really like to fly on Southwest Airlines because they offer the cheapest fares from our home city, but they don’t fly into Logan – only Manchester and Providence. How practical would it be to fly into those alternate airports? Can you easily get to/from BC from either?</p>

<p>There is a shuttle that runs from both Manchester and Providence airports to Boston. Don't know the rates off hand, perhaps those airport's web sites have current info.</p>

<p>hourly service from MHT for $19. But, it drops off downtown Boston, so a taxi or T (subway) to campus is still required.</p>

<p>Manchester</a> Boston Regional Airport: Airport News</p>

<p>Your child can share a taxi with someone else to get to and from Logan.</p>

<p>BC offers free shuttle to Logan before holiday breaks. There are private shuttle buses that can be arranged for pick up from Logan.</p>