Treatment for burn scars

<p>Last fall I received a combo third and second degree burn on the underside if my arm between my wrist and elbow. Because of the nature of the burn, a surgeon had to cutbout some debris and it took forever to heal. I have been left with 5 circular (size of nickels and dimes) scars that are fairly dark (they look really tan against my lighter skin) with the exception of the biggest one that is light pink in the center and dark around the edges. At first it didn't really bother me, but this summer as I wear short sleeves or tanks, I find people stare at them all the time. I think part of it is because my arm looks dirty. Has anyone used any scar creams that work? I guess I am not at the point that I am willing to see a plastic surgeon, but it is getting annoying. I don't mind talking about them and everyone at D's school knows how it happened so people will ask, but it is strangers that stare the most.</p>

<p>My grandmother swears by any lotion with Vitamin E. Ive tried products like mederma before, they really dont work. Its just a waste of $20. You can also but Vitamin E capsules and cut em open and apply directly. Though its likely best you just get used to the scars.</p>

<p>I am using Curad scar therapy patches, not sure what the scars would have looked like without the patches, but they are healing quite well with them</p>

<p>I've had good luck with Mederma. I've used Mederma to treat both burn scars and major surgical scars. Everyone's experience is different. You might want to consult your physician. My surgeon recommended Mederma. I've also had my dermatologist recommend Scar Guard for 'lumpy scars.'</p>

<p>I'd second the Mederma.</p>

<p>I'll second Booted - growing up, I would watch my dad cut open Vitamin E capsules and apply the contents to his burns (he had quite a few due to the nature of his work). When I got a burn in the same place as yours (not nearly as bad), I used the Vitamin E and it improved but did not totally erase the scar.</p>

<p>Another product out there is Bio-Oil, I use that for my age spots and lightening up areas on my face where you can notice the darker skin tone from sun damage.</p>