TRIALS Pre-Law Program NYU 2021

I spent way too much time looking at the 2016-2020 TRIALS forums before finally applying, so I wanted to start a thread for 2021. First time applicant, and I’m not the most confident, so this forum could be a cute little community for reflecting on the whole process and sharing our perspectives, especially those that have applied before and have some insights. If we wanna talk about stats, I’m cool with sharing mine since it’s anonymous. Anyways, hope I won’t be the only one in here soon; I did apply pretty early.

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Thanks so much for making this thread, I’m a first time applicant and a bit nervous as well so it seems we’re in the same boat☺️

I’m also a first time applicant. I’m pretty nervous about it but there’s still plenty of time before hearing anything. I saw the chats for past years and a lot of them were asked for test scores? I take the SAT in highschool years ago…where does one go to get those??

People! Hi, I never took the SAT, but I retrieved my ACT score from

Hi everyone! Thanks for making this! Does anyone know any stats on who they choose for this program? It seems super competitive and I am a bit worried!

I am not sure if SAT works the same way, but I was able to reactivate my ACT account and got them that way!

I’m not sure how accurate this is but I believe they look for around a 3.4 GPA and really good recommendations. I couldn’t find anything for what they look for in regards to test scores.

I have 0 clue, but from the 2020 forum, the people that shared their GPA are at 3.5 and above, and if that’s a reflection of the general applicant pool, that is really competitive. Sadly, we’ll never know if they would have gotten in because of the cancellation. I’m sitting at a 3.6, and I’m not feeling so hot.

I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled this year. The covid cases in New York keep rising unfortunately so we’ll have to see.

Hey Guys! I also applied to Trials a couple of days ago. Wishing for the best for all of us :slight_smile:

Just a random thought…Do you guys think they will give first preference to the students who got accepted last year but couldn’t join because it was cancelled?

I am not sure but I don’t think so. One because the program got cancelled in March and students said that no one got a decision at the time. Two, an administrator at Trials told me that they give preference to rising seniors and graduates that probably already took the LSAT.

Oh okay then! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to take the LSAT yet, but I am a rising senior so that’s something I guess lol.

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No don’t worry they give preference to students that haven’t taken the test. What I meant to say is that those seniors already took the LSAT by now. So they won’t be given the same preference. Sorry for the confusion

Oh okay, sounds good! I’m just mentally preparing myself to not hear back until late march - early april. Based on the other chats, that’s when people started getting interviews and requests for transcripts. It seems so long from now though lol.

I know it seems like forever and by the time other programs have already released their decisions. But at the same time March will come before we know it!

I don’t think so, but I do think that the applicant pool will increase this year due to the people that couldn’t do it last year which is a bit stressful. But maybe they’ll accept more people (wishful thinking) if the pool increases a ton??

If they accept more people, they’ll probably move the program online like a bunch of other pre-law programs are doing. Pretty much all the PLUS programs through LSAC are online this summer. But hopefully covid dies down by this summer. An in person experience would be so much better.

I don’t think they will accept more than the 20 people they tend to accept. I know that in previous years the applicant pool has increased and they still only accept 20 students.

It’s officially the deadline for applications. Good luck to all of you guys!