TRIALS Pre-Law Program NYU 2021

Thanks for letting us know!! That is so interesting… Yeah, I agree I don’t think we will know by the 15th. I know someone from a previous year heard back on the 21st of that year, so that seems more realistic. I wonder who the last interview is with and/or what it will even be about overall.

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Same and same. Lol 100% share the fear

How was your Round 3 interview? How long was it and what types of questions did they ask?

It was around 45 minutes and it was mostly personal questions (like what do you do for fun, etc). They said that this interview would be a little more lax because the first interview already established academic credentials. I thought it went really well! It was a very interesting conversation and I really enjoyed it–definitely took the nerves out of the process lol! I wonder what the last interview will be about :sob:

Any news on the last interview?

I did hear back this afternoon about the last round!! I’m not sure if they emailed everyone or it’s rolling though. The last interview will be sometime next week. we were instructed to send availability

Any news on Trials?