triangle fraternity

<p>can you guys give me more informaton about it? Is it a social or professional frat, how popular it is, whatever, etc. any info would be helpful thanks.</p>

<p>Triangle is a small house, and it's definitely a social fraternity. House is 519 Landfair, next to AGO. Kinda dirty and rundown on the inside - but then again show me a clean frat house. </p>

<p>They are sort of unpopular among some student groups, because they have this attitude... that they own Boelter because they're an engineering group. Some of them used ESUC's closets and equipment without even notifying any of the officers, rude. Otherwise they are not very well known. Hang out mostly with phirho and tridelts, more often phi rhos. Quarterly parties, the last one I went to was the day after halloween. </p>

<p>The brothers are sort of awkward and some are rather unfortunate looking, but overall they are nice guys and really friendly. Kind of geeky, but it is an engineering/science fraternity. Very good for help on classes - someone helped me on thermo and math last quarter before finals in exchange for a dining hall swipe. They have really great brotherhood too. Over winter break, almost all of the fraternity went to vegas together. </p>

<p>So I think that if you are looking for friendship and not hos, beer, and sex, this is probably the place. Be yourself at rush and see if you guys click (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)</p>

<p>Anyone from triangle here?</p>

<p>*** Triangle has house!?!?</p>

<p>Yeah, it's small. Their living space is tiny and rundown too - but engineers don't care.</p>

<p>They seem to never get tired of liquid nitrogen events. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>yeah i lived there over the summer for a few weeks</p>