Trick or Treating

How old would you guys say is too old for trick or treating?

I’m a 15 year old sophomore I’m going trick or treating with my 16 and 17 year old junior friends

Do it until they stop giving you candy

I have a lot of younger siblings. I’m a junior, and I plan on trick or treating for at least the remainder of high school. I can get away with it, too, because I’m short.

Imo, 17. You definitely don’t want to scare little kids (or their parents). Depends on your appearance, height, etc., though.

If you’re 71 years old and wearing a Sexy Donald Trump costume, you’re too old.

Until your heart stops.

If you act like an abnormally mature teen.

I’m a senior in high school and my friends and I are going trick or treating tomorrow. I’m short too and I think I look younger than my age, so I can get away with it easier as well.

Last year, as a junior, people started being rude to me so I decided to stop this year haha. But maybe I should just wear a mask and pretend to not be in high school.

@alison16 lol good idea

I would go if I wasn’t going to be working.

I actually went trick or treating last night. I live in the suburbs in an area where everyone trick or treats until they go to college, so it wasn’t weird to be doing it as a 17 year old junior. Did any of you guys dress up?

Last night? Today’s Halloween…
Anyway, I’m being a Smartie Pants (nerd w/Smarties candy taped to pants)

Yeah, it was supposed to rain today (and it did) so my county moved Halloween back a day due to popular demand. They didn’t want to risk the rain stopping kids from being able to trick or treat.

Cool costume! I dressed up as Mother Gothel from Tangled and went with my younger sister who dressed up as Flynn Rider.

It was supposed to pour, but it stopped before it got dark. I like the pair costumes you and your sis had :smiley: It’s also kinda cool that your county moved Halloween forward.

I didn’t go trick or treating because school (-_-) but I went last year (as a junior) so I guess, go trick or treating until you don’t feel like it anymore. I didn’t really want to this year anyway. but I did dress up… I’m Penny Proud, I’m cute and I’m loud, and I got it going on! :smiley:

I’m a senior and I went trick or treating with my neighbor :)) we looked cute and we got tons of free candy, so… no matter what the age it’s always a good idea imo!

@foliontai You should’ve went again on actual Halloween to try to get those leftovers lol. I went with some friends btw if anyone was curious. I wasn’t really asking for me but I just wanted opinions.