Trident Article

<p>I always kind of liked The Trident until now.</p>

<p>where is the article located? what's it about?

<p>I don't think they keep up their online site anymore. Basically the paper created an NCAA basketball type bracket to determine the 64 worst people on campus or something like that -- naming names and using language that was, at best, inappropriate. President Ruscio responded with an eloquent but firm e-mail to the university community asking for the authors and editors to apologize and to resign their positions with the paper.</p>

<p>Way to take an embarrassment to the university and make sure it gets publicity on the internet in a place where prospective students are sure to see it. At least three people made a huge mistake. I'm sure they're not enjoying the reaction they're getting and will likely have to issue an apology and resign. The best thing for the university is to just let this die as fast as possible. This school has had enough problems with reputation in the past, now that it is getting beyond that, let us not spread something that will hurt it.</p>

<p>haha I think it was funny as hell...</p>

<p>so was Ruscio's email.</p>

<p>Considering I've got a subscription but haven't received the issue being discussed, I can't wait to see it. Sounds like it was meant to be read with a sense of humor</p>

<p>Yeah it's a little bit shocking, but I had some good laughs.</p>

<p>If the Trident did not send out copies of that issue to subscribers, it would probably be the smartest thing that paper has ever done.</p>

<p>This week's Trident response to last week's issue is equally hilarious.</p>

<p>who is in charge of subscriptions? I still haven't received the issues in question (this week or last).
can anyone scan it and post it somewhere on the web?</p>

<p>Please do not do this. The people in mentioned in the article do not need anyone else to read it. As a parent, you'll probably either not recognize any of the names or else you will form bad opinions of your child's friends. Do you really want to see your kid, or their friends, listed as a pretentious slut or terrible drunk? Please do not put this up, it's just going to cause a lot more harm.</p>

<p>Instead can we focus on admissions? Does anyone know when decisions will be sent out?</p>

<p>Amen, beautyistruth. The less the article is spread, the better it is for everyone. That's why I said it would be a great decision if they didn't send it out.</p>

<p>As for admissions, my guess is letters go out in about two weeks.</p>

<p>It looks like the brackets issue was impounded.</p>

<p>The follow up issue has some very well reasoned op-eds and a call to return to Lee's "gentlemen" concept which is eminently valuable in today's society.</p>

<p>Talked to a few kids and the overwhelming response to the bracket article was "possibly funny, definitely mean"/</p>

<p>this school definitely has some twisted individuals (reference to a certain mass email)</p>

<p>yes. let's not talk about it. Also, idiotic as it might have been, it was not intended to be a school-wide email.</p>

<p>please, need we really air all our dirty laundry on the internet?</p>

<p>What is it with these not-so-subtle attempts to spread negative publicity about the school far and wide across the internet?</p>