Trimester or Quarter calendar options at LACs

<p>I am aware that Carleton, Union & Knox have trimester but I am unaware of any quarter offerings. Any additional trimester or quarter programs out there at LACs?</p>

<p>Dartmouth College, you already have Union, UChicago (not really an LAC, but has some LAC features)</p>

<p>LAC's like Smith, Oberlin, and Bates have semester schedules with a January intership/class period.</p>

<p>Actually, Bates has a 4+4+1 calendar with a short semester ("Short Term") from mid/late April to graduation (late May), which allows for an extended summer break in case one opts against enrolling in one.</p>

<p>Lawrence is on the trimester system.</p>

<p>Thanks for the mention of Lawrence. How about universities with trimester or quarter calendar aside from aforementioned Dartmouth, Chicago?</p>

<p>Northwestern, Stanford, UCLA</p>

<p>CalTech, University of Washington</p>

<p>(sorry about the confusion with Bates's calendar-- I knew something cool went on with it, I wasn't sure what exactly).</p>