Trinity College Columbia University Dual BA

I haven’t seen a thread for 2026 class, so I created one

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Hey, I have applied

for which course

hihi! Did anyone else apply to Philosophy?

are there many internationals?

hi guys. i have dual citizenship with us and applied for art/ art his.


International here, applied for Ancient Studies

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Do we know when they’re going to notify us about interviews

Omg so happy to see someone made this thread! I applied to English and outside of here I haven’t seen others who applied. Would people be interested in a group chat with applicants?


The Dual BA webpage says mid-February. I know that last year they sent email invitations on Feb 15, so I’d assume it’ll be within a week or so!!

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yes actually there already exist one on discord! dm me and I will send you the link


Could you send me the link also?

Yes sure, please dm me

good luck to everyone for tomorrow!

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also idk if you guys knew this but on the app zeemee there is a chat for the dual ba program as well


Interview invites just got sent out! Received one a minute ago for Classics.


Can you send the link? I cant find it

hi! could you send the link for the discord group chat?

has anyone else heard about an interview yet? i’m a philosophy applicant and i haven’t got any kind of email yet :’)