Trinity College CT vs. Loyola Chicago

Admitted to both, trying to decide which would be the best choice. Looking for a school at which I can focus on graduating early, enjoying the city, and being involved in college clubs…etc. Likely pre-law. Want to go somewhere where people are nice.

Very different schools – a non-sectarian LAC in CT with slightly over 2,000 students and an acceptance rate of 33% v a Jesuit school in Chicago with 16,000+ students and an acceptance rate around 65%. Both are fine colleges and but it is hard to believe you don’t have a preference in terms of location, environment etc.

In terms of graduating early I suggest you: 1) take a hard look at the core curriculum of Loyola-Chicago. Most Jesuit colleges require completion of a large core curriculum to graduate which could make graduating early harder and 2) look at the policies of both colleges towards accepting AP/IB/Dual Enrollment (whatever you happen to have) courses towards graduation.