Trinity College ED 1 Class of 2025-- chance me?

Hi all, I applied early decision 1 at Trinity College (CT). As we get closer to decision day, I’m just a bit nervous. Would anyone care to chance me?

GPA (unweighted): 3.647/4.0
APs taken: AP Lit, AP Psych, AP Environmental, AP Research, AP Lang, AP US History, AP Macro, AP Gov, and AP Seminar (9 total)
SAT: did not submit.
School info: I go to a medium sized public high school in CT. The school is ranked fairly well in academics.
Extracurriculars: (submitted this in a resume)

  • President and founder of Active Minds chapter at my school
  • Vice president of current issues club at my school
  • Treasurer of social studies honor society
  • Link crew leader
  • High school representative on townwide local prevention board
  • Has done ballet for 14 years
  • Very active in theatre both inside and outside of school
  • Treasurer of Tri-M music honors society
    I wrote my Common App essay about my years of ballet and feeling like I didn’t fit in due to my appearance. I thought it was pretty strong. I have also demonstrated extensive interest in the school. I was accepted and attended their fly-in (which I was told was more selective than the school itself), and have done around a dozen of online webinars they have hosted. I have had extensive communication with the financial aid department, have attended one-on-one zooms with students and alumni, and have met with my area’s admissions counselor one-on-one via Zoom as well. I have toured twice. My family’s EFC (from FAFSA) is 37k, as Trinity is not need-blind.
    This is my very top school, hence why I applied ED 1. I am also applying to Connecticut College, Colgate, Colby, Fairfield, Holy Cross, Quinnipiac, Marist, Hobart/William Smith, and Wesleyan, if anyone would like to chance me for those as well.

Thank you so so much to anyone that comments! Sending good vibes :slight_smile:

I have crazy similar academic stats to you except I didn’t take APUSH. I live in the midwest and I applied ED1 to Trinity too. I was only able to visit once, but I feel like I know everyone in FA and my admission counselor too. I decided not to apply to Farifield and Holy Cross after I chose Trinity ED. Your list looks really great.

I’m feeling hopeful and wish you luck! I have never heard of the fly-in, but I hope it helps!

Wow! Have you heard anything besides the whole “mid-December” for the decision day? Hoping we both get in! :slight_smile:

I got my Trinity ED acceptance today :slight_smile: Did you?
It was a total surprise getting it before Tuesday!

I got accepted as an 1823 scholar! So excited!!!

Congrats y’all! I got accepted too, as an early applicant. Did you guys receive your financial aid letter? I didn’t and I’m kind of worried. I’m an international applicant. Does the financial aid award letter come separately?

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I called admissions yesterday, because I was nervous too! They said that financial aid information is being mailed out this coming week.

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Hey @xoxo2002
Could you please drop any contacts, so i could dm you asking questions about trinity?

sure. discord - joon#4178