Trinity College Spring transfer 2022

I wanted to make a thread for people who had applied to trinity college (CT) for spring 2022.

I have applied as a Spring Transfer. Hopefully the rolling decisions don’t take too long.

I got a response nov 1st. When did you apply?

Applied not too long ago, I wish you both the best!

do you plan on going if you get in

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Haha the likelihood of me going if I get in? Very strong. The likelihood of me getting in? Not very strong.

i applied! haven’t heard anything yet

Based on when you created this topic, it appears you were accepted, correct?

yes. you?

when did you apply?

i submitted my application on 10/27, but my last docs didn’t get submitted until 11/2 (it was fine that it was late). when did you?

Oct 6th is when I submitted it.

im guessing next monday you might get it if not this monday already.