trinity College, what are my chances?

<p>Texas student, Senior
4.2/5.00 GPA (weighted)
1800 SAT scores
-Key Club member 4 years
League of Friends (partnered up with a special needs student and we would build bonds and help them in high school) 2 years
-Tutored Freshman in Chemistry and Math 2 years
-Internship in a biology lab at a University over the summer 2012 8hrs a day/5days a week for 5 weeks
-Member of organization that would help find books for underprivileged children(Spring 2012)
- Selected to judged Science fairs at private schools
- I am African American
- applying for financial aid
- took all AP science classes my school had to offer (AP BIO,CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, EVIROMENTAL)
-Went to highschool in US but am not a permanent resident</p>

<p>That’s a reach; what other schools do you contemplate? (This includes schools where you’re already in)</p>