Trinity ED 2022

Anyone else apply ED? Feel free to post here and let’s hope for good news in one month.

I did!

@alex240 Where are you from? Why ED? What do you like best about Trinity?

@alex240 @magnetnh Hello! I applied ED as well! I am from memphis Tennessee. I hope to be admitted ED but I am not so sure since my financial need is great. I am hoping for the best! I chose to go ED because I really want to attend Trinity, and to better my chances hopefully.

Why did y’all go ED?

@spacenerd2432 Wishing you great news in a few weeks! My son has had Trinity at top of his list for some time. He attended the Preview Weekend and then it became his top choice. I did not want him to do ED as we are also an FA family but as you say it is really the best way to increase your chances and show demonstrated interest. Trinity is known as having great FA and they meet 100% of need but I guess we will see. Did you visit? What is your intended major? Did you apply EA anywhere else? We are in CT so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

@magnetnh Thank you so much! you are very kind :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have not been able to visit on my own due to money hardships (I did a virtual tour on youvisit and fell in love!) I applied EA to some other schools just so that I can have some chance to apply to more schools if need be lool. I hope to major in engineering (perhaps biomedical, but I am not so sure). When I applied to trinity, I did an interview and expressed my interest for Trinity! I applied to the Preview Weekend but was waitlisted lool

I have a ton of questions about Connecticut and the Trinity’s location in general, if you don’t mind

Is Hartford really boring as people on the internet call it to be? Most people in Connecticut complain that there is not much to do in Hartford, so they go to Boston and New York Instead.

Is Trinity campus compact? on video and paper, it looks spaced out, cozy and more like Rhodes college in Memphis (its also a liberal arts school that is 99 acres)

What made your son like Trinity? did the atmosphere feel right and amazing? I got that feel when I toured online lool. Are the dorms nice? and the movie theater? and the cafeteria? Did he get to meet any professors?

Does Connecticut have a high crime rate? Will I be safe jogging down the streets of Hartford? in Memphis, it gets crazy, and often gunshots are heard, it is only the people that live in the more…what should I call it…decent neighborhoods that feel safe walking in the parks and jogging around.

I am not a party person, I prefer either staying indoors studying, watching documentaries or learning something new. Outside, I love going to see attractions and mingling with people. I am not a shy person at all, so I know that I will not be nervous meeting new faces in Trinity :slight_smile:

But how do people in Connecticut usually act? I apologize if this question is weird. People in Memphis are usually loud, and could come off as rude sometimes (at least, the people I mingle with lool)

Will I be looked down because I am from the south?

I apologize if I talked too much!

@magnetnh Also! I did some digging around on the internet, and it seems that notification letters will come out around December 13-20. Those were the dates some of the ED applicants last year received their letters. One of them were very strong, in that the person had a High GPA, Test Score, Minority, He interviewed, tons of EC’s, but was rejected. He believes its because his Financial need was too great. Other applicants rejected felt the same way…It makes me nervous you know?

@spacenerd2432 I think that you will love the Trinity campus as it is very pretty. It is spread out and it is surprising because it is literally in the middle of the city. I have heard the engineering major is strong and CT has some large engineering employers which is great for internships and employment when you graduate. My son is interested in an arts major.

Are you a student of color? I ask because you mentioned you were waitlisted for Preview Weekend and I thought it was mostly for international students and students of color. My son is a student of color and loved, loved the Preview weekend. The Trinity students were amazing and very friendly. He texted some of them for advice on his ED application. The admission staff was very friendly as well. They have some excellent clubs and resources for all students but also for students of color. Look into the special programs - I think the call them Gateway programs. My son likes their Interarts program and the New York semester. To answer your question he loved Trinity because it was a liberal arts college in a city and those are hard to come by in the Northeast. He loved the classes he sat in on and the dorms. He told me that he thinks he might even be able to get a solo room as a freshman, although I am not sure how that would work out. As a vegetarian he told me the food options were good and he liked the campus resources.

Like you, I would also classify my son as not being a party person either. During the Preview weekend the students talked about the Trinity that does party because as you may know they have an active Frat scene, but there is also a place for those who don’t party. His host did not party, but he got together with his friends in their dorm and listened to music and socialized. My son said there was no pressure to drink or do drugs although they all acknowledged that they are present on campus.

If you are comparing Hartford to a major city, then yes it would be boring, but I think it has a lot to offer. It all depends on what you are into, but of course yes you will be close to NYC and Boston. There is also New Haven, where Yale is located, which is about 40 min away and some people like it better for fun activities. As far as crime goes, I would say that our cities in CT do have higher crime rates in comparison to similar cities but the rate has been decreasing steadily. As a city person myself I don’t think much about it as long as you are reasonable and know where not to go and when.

People in Connecticut come in all varieties! I think that I am a friendly person but I don’t think we have that southern charm. I had a coworker who moved here from California and told me that people in CT never said hello, good morning or greeted people. I guess that is the same as NYC where you just go about your business. But the thing about Trinity is that you will be there with students from literally all over the world, so the CT habits don’t really apply. They do have a lot of international students. At Preview weekend my son met some students from China who were in US boarding schools. Because people will be from all over the world, I don’t think that you will be looked down upon at all. I know that you will find your village there and I think it is a pretty special place. I am really hoping for great news for you and my son and any other ED applicant! I also saw what you mentioned about top candidates being rejected and they speculated it was because of FA need. I am not sure what to make of it, but all you can do is wait for your decision to see how you will fare.

But… in case you don’t get in what are your other RD options? If you liked Trinity, please consider Holy Cross, Connecticut College, Skidmore College and Wesleyan University. I think you would be a top applicant at these schools since you would also represent geographic diversity. My son has his RD apps ready to go but hoping he doesn’t have to activate them!

@magnetnh Thank you so much for your response! I actually am a student of color lool. I was born in America but brought up in Africa where my father is from. So I am black. I have a very unique story as well lool, And my admissions counselor did say that they did not get a lot of south applicants during the interview. Funny enough, I have already applied to all the colleges you mentioned RD lool. I am just hoping for the best!

Hopefully, by God’s grace, if I and your son do get accepted ED to Trinity, I would love to keep in touch!

I am just so nervous about decisions because it is also during my exam week!

@magnetnh Also, how cold does it get in CT please?

CT does get pretty cold in winter and we get plenty of snow too.

@spacenerd2432 My daughter applied to Trinity too, but I grew up in CT (Madison). In Jan and Feb it’s not unusual to get cold snaps where the temperatures can fall into single digits or sub zero for a week or so. On average the winter’s are hit or miss. I currently live in southern NH and CT has experienced heavier snowfall and storms the past few years. Snow will make the campus look prettier so just keep telling yourself that and buy a nice pair of winter boots and a parka from LL Bean and you’ll be fine.

OK this is supposed to be the week… Taking bets on the day of the announcement. I am hoping Thursday the 14th but thinking it may be Friday the 15th. It seemed like it was Wednesday the 14th from the twitter feed but who knows which day it will be this year! The reason I like the Wed or Thurs is that if it is a rejection then we will have to move quickly with RD apps. Thoughts?

Really hoping for Wednesday!!! I just want to know already

@GraniteLand I grew up in Madison too! Still in CT. My daughter toured Trinity, but she’s been swimming there for four years during high school and wants to be out of state for college.

I am so nervous!. I am very scared that my financial need might put me at a great disadvantage! I learned from their website that they are not need blind. Some students have even reported that they believe that they were rejected because of their great FA. But if I get rejected, I will go on to apply Early Decision to my next top choice which is WFU. And if that doesn’t work out, I will pick from any of the schools I get accepted to, since I will be happy in either of them :slight_smile:

think there’s any chance it will be tonight???

My friend whose D also applied ED called as she wanted some guidance and they were not specific at all. She said they stuck to the party line and said they would be released mid December and that they don’t provide a specific date and time. Another parent whose S is awaiting Wesleyan ED said they told them tonight at 8pm. I wish Trinity would be more specific. What’s more nothing posted on IG or FB as they did in previous years. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

IG post said ED1 decisions are out tonight at 7pm! Best of luck to all and to all a good night!

@magnetnh Hello! I just want to personally thank you for being so nice to me in this thread! I really pray, and hope that we are all accepted, so that we could all go together! I wish you all the best! no matter what happens!