Trinity U in San Antonio

<p>Does anyone have any data, opinions etc to share about Trinity? Our son is leaning toward TU to swim and it looks like a great smaller school. But what do I know!</p>

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<p>Trinity also has its own forum here on CC. Love that school!</p>

<p>Excellent school with a great academic reputation.</p>

<p>Our counselor really pushes that school -too far away for us</p>

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<p>Trinity is a great school. Unfortunately my kid wanted to leave the state she had been in since K, and I couldn't object to that. The difference in tuition compared to the equal school she went to was kind of hard to swallow. Several of her very bright friends are very happy at Trinity, and their parents are spending less than we are.</p>

<p>Texas poster here. From our area, Trinity is considered the go-to school for many of the private school kids who couldn't get into UT-Austin due to the top-10% rule. The kids we've known who matriculated there don't have a strong history of graduating and moving into great careers. I know three who have graduated within the past couple of years. One went to China to teach ESL there. One went straight to grad school. One is living at home (since last May) and looking for a job.</p>

<p>Those outcomes seem pretty good to me! ;) One to grad school, one overseas for ESL, one - well, the economy sucks right now. There but for the grace of God goes all of us parents!</p>

<p>Oh I agree, anxiousmom, there is nothing wrong with any of that. My D will probably be in the same boat. I just meant that nobody I've known graduated from Trinity and started earning a decent paycheck right away. Trinity is truly a liberal arts college in that regard.</p>

<p>The ESL-China graduate actually went with an academic program of sorts. I'm not sure that she was even paid. Great experience, though, no doubt.</p>