Trinity University applicants, class of 2024

It’s been awful quiet in here for a while, but I thought we could use a thread for applicants.

ED deadline is this week! Things are about to get real.

Woo-hoo! Thanks for starting this!!! D20 applied and we are just hoping that acceptance and finances work out…

When does Trinity let EA applicants know the results?

ED I is 12/1, EA is 12/15.

@MotherLode WOW that is a long time, I guess it’s not rolling, just big bang all it once

Yeah, from what I see in the previous years’ threads, the EA/ED decisions come out in a lump. Not sure about RD.

DD applied ED. She loved the school and is tired of thinking about all of the essays and apps. Fingers crossed Dec 1st is positive and she doesn’t have to write anymore.

We toured the campus and son LOVED it, initially he was looking for a strong technology school, but was impressed by their entire approach to education. Unfortunately we missed the EA/ED deadline because Trinity just popped up on his radar.
But now he def wants to apply EDII assuming he gets the merit award based on the number Trinity has posted. Now it will be along wait til February!

@kirkhaven did you ask the admissions office if he could still turn in his ED app even tho a few days beyond the deadline? Of course it’s a long shot but it seems to me worth asking since your son won’t be in the running for the tower day scholarships otherwise. Also seems like trinity would love to snag an ED applicant so he doesn’t change his mind!

My daughter fortunately toured in late October so was able to get her EA application in on time. I’m shocked trinity isn’t even more popular considering their large endowment and their willingness to spend it on students, faculty, facilities. Fingers crossed for good news for all!

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@txstateomind That is a great idea. We will call the admissions office on Monday and ask. He already has the ApplyTexas app completed and met (informally) with his admission counselor on site last week.

Starting to get antsy on ED! Since they’re off next Wed-Fri, I wonder if we will hear back before then.

@motherlode No, we attend an in-depth session last week and the published Dec 1st for EA and Dec 15th for ED

Does Trinity announce decisions via email, portal or regular mail?

Sure, I understand their deadline is 12/1. But that date is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The last regular workday before they get off for Thanksgiving break is next Tuesday.

Not that I’m obsessing over this or anything (ha), but I picked through the old threads to find other ED decision dates:

2018: 11/29 (the week after Thanksgiving, which was 11/22)
2017: 11/30 (the week after Thanksgiving, which was 11/23)
2009: 11/20 (Friday before Thanksgiving, which was 11/26)
2008: 11/21 (Friday before Thanksgiving, which was 11/27)

So on years when Thanksgiving is on the last week of November, looks like decisions came early.

Please someone send me an intervention!

I remember seeing someone mention that they got an email, but the portal didn’t update until later.

We are hoping the decisions come out on Tuesday. The holiday throws it all off. I did go back and look at old threads as well and it looks like they notify via email on acceptance with snail mail and merit aid following. Portal takes awhile to update. My daughter is hopeful she doesn’t have to scramble to meet some Dec 1st deadlines if she doesnt get in.

Good luck @EmptyMinusOne! D20 applied EA, so we will still have some time to wait for an admissions decision. She probably won’t have all the info she needs to make her final decision until April, so I am really jealous that you could be done this week!

I applied Early Decision way before the deadline and met and interviewed with my admissions counselor many times- I constantly refresh my college email… I’m so incredibly nervous, any parental advice and reassurance is more than welcome!! fingers crossed for all of your kids this month!!

Best of luck! Fingers crossed back for you.

I am hopeful we hear something today since it is their last work day before the official release date. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for all the ED students today. Let us know if you hear anything, so we know to have our kiddos go check.