Trinity University

<p>We are looking at Trinity since my son wants a small college that is strong in math and engineering. Does anyone have any experience on the quality of Trinity academics and also what the students are like? We've heard it's on the conservative side and our son tends to be more liberal. Is the Greek scene overwhelming and if one doesn't join are there still lots of social opportunities?</p>

<p>Trinity in CT or Trinity in TX?</p>

<p>Even thought it's listed a regional master's university, in a lot of way Trinity (San Antonio) is a liberal arts college. It does have a strong computer science program and a one or two tract engineering program that is well respected. But I don't think they would be considered "strong" in terms of the number of majors in the area. </p>

<p>I don't think the Greek scene would be considered overwhelming 21% of women and 15% of men are Greek. They don't allow rush until the spring semester. As for other social opportunities, like a lot of colleges, there is the Trinity bubble, people find they don't need to leave campus. Just take a look at their activities calendars. They bring in some amazing lectures as well. </p>

<p>It's an academically strong school, sending 25-30% of their students to graduate school (I don't remember exactly but we had the number when my son was looking.) I think it's often overlooked because it's in Texas. As for conservative side? Living in San Antonio, I never heard it referred to as a conservative school. It might be compared to Earlham. It does have quite a few well-to-do kids from Houston and Dallas who can afford the tuition but it just doesn't really register politically at all.</p>

<p>I think the major concern would be the engineering opportunities. You need to look at exactly what is available because it's not an engineering school.</p>

<p>My D graduated from TU last May. She was not a science kid, but she said her friends that were found the engineering challenging and thought it was very good. There are 3 tracts, or concentrations in engineering, and all are recognized by ABET. TU is ranked #21 in engineering for schools that only offer UG in engineering. The Greek life certainly is not all that. The science kids have a great new place, already partially finished. Check it out on the website!</p>

<p>Just going to point out that we still don't know what school OP was talking about...</p>

<p>Trinity College is in CT. Trinity U is in SA. OP made that clear.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. And yes, I was asking about Trinity University in San Antonio.</p>

<p>When we visited Trinity for an open house, we saw a lot of prospective students interested in engineering, a lot in business, and a lot in healthcare. Trinity is very big on internships, either paid or for class credit (the students unanimously preferred paid), and they're very active in trying to get students real world experience in San Antonio. Holding an internship or doing student research is a requirement for graduation.</p>