trinity vs union vs bucknell

hey, I am international student applying on ed2. I don’t know which one should I chose for ed2, should I chose trinity coll or union coll or bucknell? I am planning to major in engineering. I have very impressive CV, extracurricular activities, and RLs. I have 4 unweighted GPA and 27 in my ACT. ( 98th percentile on STEM portion)
I got waitlisted from lafayette college in ED1
I will need significant financial aid. Which one should I chose ?

Union college, may be, is the best chance especially if you are affording more than 7500 thousand dollars annualy.

I can’t afford that much but I think if they accept the student the provide 100% of the need @mmmmmmmmm

OP, Your Lafayette deferral is a message you should read very carefully: It’s an aid generous school with a more selective admissions rating. You fall beneath their 50% ACT of 29.

Among the schools you list, all are more selective (30-35% acceptance,) where a 27 ACT composite score is low–especially concerning since you are also looking for “significant” aid.

Figure out where (on the East coast, I guess) a 27 ACT is in the 50% zone (or higher.) And then, a school with a 40-60% acceptance rate, which would be safer for you at this point and boost your big aid chances.

–The 27 ACT puts you below 50%ile at 30 ACT Bucknell and 29 ACT Trinity.

Don’t know about Union’s, they didn’t report test scores to Peterson’s, which means Union may be test optional?

–In that case, I’d choose ED2 Union of the three–but that’s risky at a 36% acceptance rate overall.

I think you should be checking out other schools with acceptance rates of 40-60% that bump up significantly for an ED2 application (as Trinity does not,) that are also generous with aid and offer your engineering degree program.

I think you’ve got yourself in the driver’s seat of the wrong car.

You should maximize your chances of getting into a school that will give you the education you want where you have better odds of being accepted and funded. IMHO

I think Trinity is now test optional but agree with the post above. If you need lots of FA, you need to be well above average for that school.

Go to collegesimply and search for colleges that would be a match or safety for an ACT 27, run the NPC on each, then add those that are affordable to your list.

Trinity is very fair for test optional students. My daughter applied last year as a test optional student and was admitted as a Presidential scholar (full 4 year tuition paid). If you have an excellent application outside of test scores, I would definitely recommend using Test Optional for Trinity.

hiii, union is indeed test-optional, but since i signed up for their mailing list, i received a packet in which the following information for the class of 2021 was listed:

— there were a total of 6,675 applicants, and 2,490 (or 37%) were admitted.
— the average GPA of the admitted students was A-/B+ (they did not specify the numbers)
— the middle 50% of the ACT range was 28-31
— the middle 50% of the SAT range was 1250-1420

i’m not sure if union superscores the ACT (or SAT), but i hope that information was helpful!

Trinity is test optional so the 27 ACT doesn’t matter.