Trinity Wait list Class of 2023

Hey guys, saw that a thread for wait listed students wasn’t made yet.

Nice to meet you my waitlisted friend :smiley:

Hi! Sorry you got waitlisted, is Trinity your top school?

Hello everyone, as I read threads from RD 2023,
98 % of international students were waitlisted. Why only intetnational students ?

Please share your Accomplishments
4.0 GPA
Top in class
Lots of Extracurriculars
Applied as test optional
Good Essay
Trinity my forst choice

where do you get this information from?

@mouca123 @iracherkinskaya @kallead where are you guys from? Also please share your stats.

I am from Ethiopia what about you

Hey guys, I was also waitlisted.
3.5 gpa
Lots of community service
Good essay
AP/Honors classes
Also, I’m from New York.

Hey guys, have you heard anything at all?

has anyone been admitted from the waitlist yet?

Hey guys, an international student who applied for financial aid here. Just got off the waitlist for Trinity’s Global Start Program! Good luck to you all!


Congratulations Nikawi! Hopefully wait list acceptances continue!!

So some news update: Trinity posted their enrollment info for the Class of 2023

This means that wait list notifications may happen end of May to July due to ‘summer melt’. If you aren’t familiar with the term it means students who are enrolled may change their plans due to gap years, getting off the wait list at other schools, or deciding on a change of plans.

With the lowest percentages of minorities (17% where one year it was 28%) and women (47%) that means with you are both or either you have a better chance of getting off the wait list if they feel they need more people to lift these percentages.

My best advice for you guys is to get that LOCI in if you seriously want to go to Trinity, have good contact with your admissions counselor, and make sure you have a plan to attend another school. We might be in this waiting process for awhile.

Some good news is that a student from Class of 2021 got off the wait list on May 19th which means there is still a possibility for this month. That year the percent yield was 30%, this year it’s 31% so it’s okay. If they were fully enrolled they would’ve sent an email out I think.

Overall, good luck to you all. I hope you everything works out in the end!

what is LOCI

LOCI means letter of continued interest

Yes it does!

can people who got accepted or rejected please update this thread, thanks!

This thread is for wait listed students. The RD thread is for students accepted/rejected who have provided their stats. So far only one person has said they were accepted off the wait list through the Global Start program and according to reddit many other international students have gotten off through this program as well. However, people rejected from the wait list will not know until July 1st.