triple major and still have a life...?

<p>I know people have triple majored at ND before, but I want a slightly more specific answer..
I am sometimes a bit too ambitious, but I want to basically wring out whatever college I go to, do as much as I can and get the most out of it. </p>

<p>So, would it be possible to do both the joint major in Philosophy and Theology (requires 60 hours, but includes phil.+theo university requirements) and a supplementary major in physics (requires 25 hours) without overloading on classes each semester? I would have AP credit for American history, calc bc, chem, eco, english, US gov, physics c (both), stats, world history and spanish, which should help with other university requirements and maybe electives...
Also, assuming I could do those majors, would it be possible to also minor in Philosophy, politics and economics (that's one minor)? And how much more difficult would being Glynn Family Honors make it?</p>

<p>Finally, if I am taking a reasonable number of hours each semester, would triple majoring still cut into my free time significantly (e.g. make it impossible to be on the drumline/ work etc)?</p>

<p>I'd appreciate any insight anyone could offer.</p>

<p>one other thing: would it be possible to study abroad at all?</p>

<p>its ambitious, but since i don't know how motivated you are or how devoted you are I cant tell you much. You have to ask yourself what these majors will do for you and how will they impact your career.</p>

<p>motivation and devotion are not an issue haha.. I just need to know possibility and feasibility</p>

<p>Well, if you don't mind essentially not having a social life. I understand ambition, but it seems like you'd be stretching yourself too thin. I think you need to pick one major, and perhaps two minors, and throw your energy behind those. Excel at a few instead of scraping by in several. Don't kid yourself, ND classes are rigorous!</p>

<p>Well, the number of class hours probably won't be an issue since you'll have a lot of the general university/college requirements out of the way with your AP credits. The physics major will be tough though and will probably take up more time than the others, so you will be busy, but I think it would be doable. But if you're set on triple majoring, I would recommend NOT doing the honors program. I suggest that mainly because a lot of HP classes are simply more intensive or discussion-based versions of university or college requirements. However, while you can count AP credits towards university requirements, you would have to actually take the HP courses. Since you'd have a lot of those out of the way with your AP credits, it might be silly to waste credit space retaking them when you're trying to fit 3 majors into 4 years.</p>

<p>I did a dual degree in biochem and Chinese (like a double major, but instead of just fulfilling the major requirements for the second major, I had to complete the requirements for both the college of Science and the College of Arts and Letters as well) and was in the Glynn Family Honors Program and definitely still had a life. I was in several clubs, volunteered, and worked on campus too.</p>

<p>I also studied abroad during the summer. This is an option you can look into if your schedule won't permit study abroad during the regular semester, which might be the case since you're pursuing a physics major. For a lot of the science majors, there is only one semester or year in which study abroad is possible and sometimes only at one or two locations. It usually works out for people, but can become complicated if you are pursuing multiple majors (since you may not be able to pursue classes that would count for more than one of your majors at certain locations- I think the philo department is especially stringent on which other institutions' courses they will count towards the major). I think studying abroad during the summer is a good alternative though and it's also a great way to pick up additional credits, which would make it easier for you to work in the credits for your three majors.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks a lot for the info! I have considered going abroad over the summer, the only issue is ND is already very expensive, and studying abroad during the school year doesn't really cost more. Going during the summer may be more than I can afford :/
But I didn't know the HP requires you to take those classes rather than use AP credit. That is really good to know.</p>