Tristan and Isolde

<p>I saw the previews to this movie and it looked really interesting . (I love those romantic chick flicks). So I went on to look for the book version of it...but there are so many! Does anyone know which book was the basis of the movie? Or which one is the best? Thanks!</p>

<p>The story of Tristan and Isolde is an old myth from the King Arthur days. There have been many books about it and a very famous opera by Wagner.</p>

<p>Yeah, that is what I read. What would be the best version?</p>

<p><a href="I%20love%20those%20romantic%20chick%20flicks">quote</a>.


That's why I want to see it haha.</p>

<p>I love the opera. Will definitely go see the movie when it comes out.</p>

<p>That movie is going to make the name Tristan more common which then means my name won't be as special anymore :(</p>

<p>I've always Arthurian literature, but all the films on the topic seem quite lackluster. I've liked Nancy McKenzie's version of "Queen of Camelot" (Guinevere) and "The Grail Prince" (Galahad), but I haven't read the one about Tristan+Isolde. Maybe check that one out.</p>

<p>I'm listening to Prelude and Liesbetod right now! :)</p>

I'm listening to Prelude and Liesbetod right now! I'm listening to Prelude and Liesbetod right now!


<p>Great piece of music!</p>

<p>I know! And I just read an essay that a person wrote about this great piece of music.</p>

<p>AH yes i want to see tristan and isolde :)</p>

<p>tristan and looks v. good. and yes b/c i really <3 chick flicks and sappy romance movies.</p>

<p>but since its being released in january w/little publicity...maybe your name will stay special tristan =D</p>

<p>The orchestra I play in played this opera just last concert. It's a beatiful piece alright. </p>

<p>btw, it's not exactly a sappy romance. I'm not extremely familiar with the details of the plot, but I think the two start out hating each other because of ... family feud or whatever; they plot to kill each other, but are stopped via a magical potion and instead, fall in love. I guess the plot line is rather trite...but the music is still great. You can't beat Wagner when it comes to opera.</p>

<p>i saw the short trailer in the theater and it looked like crap. then i saw the long trailer online and looked really good. i hate how some trailers can make you think a movie completely sucks when it's actually really good, and vice versa.</p>

<p>but i love any movies set way in the past that all dramatic and stuff.</p>

<p>Actually, the storyline goes: Tristan the knight is sent by his uncle King Mark of Cornwall to go fetch his Irish bride, Princess Isolde. While on the ship they were dumb enough to drink the (love) potion Isolde got to prepare for the marriage, fell in love, had an affair after they arrived. I'm not sure - did they eloped or something, and Uncle Mark killed Tristan, and I forgot what happened to Isolde. Yeah I agree, it's pretty trite.</p>