Trouble choosing a major.

Just as some background when I was younger I wanted to pursue acting and music. I was young, but my mind was completely set on it. I started to act in plays as soon as I could in the fifth grade, and I even took vocal lessons outside of school. For a while, that was my bubble and what I wanted to do with my future. One of my teachers pushed thsi dream away and discouraged my love for these things, telling me I needed to pick a “real job” when I told the class what I wanted to be when I grew up. I slowly lost interest and music lessons became too expensive. I stopped taking lessons and acting. Around the time I stopped I moved schools and I was too nervous and overwhelmed to look into their theatre program. I supressed my love for acting and music. When going into high school I had a focus on becoming a doctor taking medical, science, and math classes. For the last few years I truly believed that I wanted to go into medicine and become a surgeon. Quarentine has made me realize that I want to act again and do music, or work in the entertainment industry. My question is do I pursue medicine or acting? I know that medicine is a more stable career choice which is apart of my struggle. I have been focused on medicine for the last three years I have no acting experience or anything to help me get into an acting program. What should I do?