Trouble deciding between two colleges


I have gotten admission to U Wisconsin for the CS program and super excited about that.

I have also gotten admission to the Exploratory Studies program at Purdue.

I like both schools.


How easy/hard is it to get to your program of choice at Purdue after a year of Exploratory studies? Feels like it’s not easy. Do any of know of anyone who has been through the Exploratory program and proceeded to a program of their choice? My choice is CS

CS is a program that is often closed at Purdue so there is no guarantee that no matter how high your GPA, that you will be able to transfer to CS. If you are direct admit into CS at Wisconsin, I’d do that.


I agree with @momofboiler1 - if your choice is CS, and you have been accepted to CS at Wisconsin, I would recommend Wisconsin.


I (Purdue parent) agree that taking a direct admission to UW CS would be a better choice than trying to transfer into CS from a different admitted major at Purdue.

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Changing into CS after enrolling at Purdue requires another competitive admission process.

If Wisconsin gave you direct admission to CS and is affordable, it is more of a sure thing that you can study CS there. Even if you do not have direct admission to CS, the requirements to declare CS at Wisconsin are not too difficult.

CS at Wisconsin is topnotch and a direct admit is worth a lot. If it’s affordable: congratulations !

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