Trouble finding my part on the School Report

<p>When I just google "Common App" and then click "Download Forms" and then click "School Report- pdf", I get a 2012-2013 School Report form. I know that the counselor does most of this, but the top part (called "To the Applicant") is supposed to be filled out by the applicant.</p>

<p>Here's my dilemma: I am doing my CA electronically, not by paper. When I am in my CA, I don't see this "School Report- To the Applicant" part at all! The info in it (name, address, school name, and list of sr year classes) is all in OTHER parts of my electronic Common App, but I don't see this exact "School Report- To the Applicant". When I click the side bar purple/maroon tab "School Report", I just get the list of teachers/counselor whom I've invited to do letters and then their progress. Can anybody answer this? Thanks!</p>

<p>You don't fill that out. Since you are doing it online the common app automatically fills that info for you, so when the counselor fills out their part they just send it of and everything will be filled, no need to stress about that.</p>

<p>Raqbau, thanks a lot for your help! I'm glad to know that.</p>

<p>your welcome :)</p>