Trouble Submitting Housing Contract

<p>Hello, this is my first post but I am stuck on the page where the pdf shows up for the housing contract. I clicked submit and nothing happens and I have been waiting for 10 minutes so something must be up. I have tried it on my mac using mozilla, google chrome, safari, and also on my windows 7 pc using google chrome. When I click submit nothing happens. Whats going on?</p>

<p>i think i had the same problem last year (i’m on a mac as well). can you try IE? there are certain browsers that aren’t compatible</p>

<p>you have to download mozilla firefox…its under the FAQ section (the link to download it)</p>

<p>I have a macbook pro and i’ve tried everything to submit my housing contract and it won’t submit. I tried safari, mozilla firefox, but nothing works, the contract page stays the same. does anyone know what to do so I can submit my contract? i also tried everything they said in the frequently asked questions page, nothing works.</p>

<p>Use Internet Explorer. I used Google Chrome and it didn’t work for me. Used Internet Explorer and it was almost instant.</p>