Trouble with CR-Vocabulary?

<p>I've been practicing with the verbal section and the only time I ever receive a wrong answer is because I do not know ANY of the vocabulary words. This usually occurs toward the end. What do you recommend I do to ace (literally) the CR section?</p>

<p>Direct Hits.</p>

<p>Anything other than "Direct Hits?"</p>

<p>Google "1000 most common SAT words" and download the first pdf that comes up. Study those whenever you have a random free moment (you finish an assignment early in class, you're waiting for the bus, you're waiting for water to boil, etc.). After reading through it a few times, go through the list and highlight the ones you don't know, and concentrate on those. A few weeks or so before the test, go through the entire list and sort the words by general meaning (good, bad, smelly, shiny, etc.)--the SAT won't expect you to tell the difference between words that are almost synonyms, and you'll never need the actual definition, but you do need to know the general meaning. Study those words grouped together. Study the one-word meaning, not the definition.</p>

<p>I did exactly that and got 800 on CR and W (make sure you use some fun new vocab words on the essay) first try.</p>

<p>Good luck!!! :D</p>