Troy High School Opinion

<p>Hey Guys! This is my "Troy High" account on CC. I thought I'd create a Troy High Post. I want to hear everyone's opinions about Troy High School. If you recognize my sn, then you probably know who I am (holla to class of 2012!).</p>

<p>I am hoping this thread (if people do comment on it) will help each other in terms of test preparations, self studies for all subjects, tips on college admissions, and which teachers to take and ask for letters of recs. If you are not from Troy, please feel free to express your opinions about our school. I understand that we do attract a lot of hate in many areas. </p>

<p>Please don't stereotype Troy people as nerds with 20 AP classes, sci oly awards, and no life -.- , other than that, complain and express all your hate as much as you'd like :)</p>

<p>Feel free to post questions about Troy admissions, our IB and Troy Tech programs or what classes you might want to take.</p>

<p>Am I supposed to have heard of Troy High School? Because I haven't...</p>

<p>As far as I know, you guys exist for Science Olympiad. But you are not as famous as you might think.</p>

<p>I heard you guys got dominated by Sparta High School in a chess tournament. Is it also true that the captain of Sparta High chess team kicked your captain in the chest during the first round?</p>

<p>@BryDeeC well this post isn't for everyone i created it for my classmates who use CC and want to discuss things</p>

<p>anyways I don't know about our chess team haha so i wouldn't know about a fight... I only know we have a chess club, didn't know it participated in a tournament</p>

<p>lol our science olympiad team was depressed and our sci oly advisor mr wahl was angry because we got 5th at nationals which i think is an overreaction. I guess our sci oly team really takes pride in their achievements but i'm really neutral about it so say what u want.</p>

<p>what school do u go to christiansoldier? if we exist for science olympiad what does your school exist 4?
our ROTC is first in nation</p>

<p>Troy High School is beastly.</p>

<li>Former Whitney High Student ('07-'09)</li>

<p>now at a different school</p>

<p>Thanks Truffliepuff :) nice to see we're not getting hate :)</p>

<p>I went to Franklin, which you almost certainly have not heard of, but we make no pretenses of having any sort of name recognition outside of NorCal. We exist to feed Sacramento State University and Cosumnes River College, but we manage to be pretty good at some other things.</p>

<p>If you want a genuinely famous school, try Stuyvesant, Harvard-Westlake, or Andover.</p>

<p>I think u misunderstood the purpose of this thread. I did not make any pretenses of having fame either and like I said this thread i created for troy students to help each other out and alumni to chat, not for a lot of fame or anything. I realize we are not the best school or anything and did not claim " i want a genuinely famous school" </p>

<p>hey respect 4 princeton man</p>

<p>Besides personally I live in the Troy High district it's not like i moved or drive a long way for the magnet program</p>

<p>Haha, all I know about Troy is that you guys win Olympiad like, every year. Except you were 3rd the year I was at Nationals and I believe 5th this year? It was super funny watching the parents' reactions during the awards ceremony that year you guys were 3rd... lots of gasps and stony faces. =P</p>

<p>But yeah... I don't think Troy is that famous. Also, why does it even matter what random people on CC think of your school? Are you planning to switch schools if you hear bad things?</p>

<p>I guess the title "Troy High School Opinion" just kind of threw me off.</p>

<p>I am a rising junior and dont plan to switch schools and by everyone I meant people from my area haha </p>

<p>this thread was meant for troy kids and others from our area to post comments and advice on, didn't think it would attract attention from anywhere else.</p>

<p>No offense.</p>

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<p>Lol, good one Helen.</p>

<p>none taken christiansoldier</p>

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<p>Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. Haha, I'm bad with computers...</p>

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<p>when i first read this i thought you were talking troy from high school musical</p>