True importance of class rank

My S21 transferred into his current high school after sophomore year, due to his dad’s job transfer. He went from a competitive high school to a less competitive one. Unfortunately, when his GPA was translated from the first high school to the second, he realized his class rank is going to be barely top 1/3. His grades are great, but due to the grade inflation of this current school, his class rank is low.

How does class rank effect admissions/merit aid. He is looking at non-NESCAC LACs in the northeast. Thanks.

Varies by college. At least you did not mention Texas public universities.

You can check the college’s common data set, section C7, to see what it says how important or considered class rank is for frosh admission.

The new high school actual took the direct grades from a different hig( school and entered them on his official transcripts and use them in GPA calculation, as if they had been taken at the new school.

I don’t have experience with this, but that sound very odd. I would have expected your S to have two HS transcripts to report and two GPAs. I’m surprise the new school gives him a class rank.

I’d be sure t9 submit both transcripts with college applications, and an explanatory note, if needed.

Others who have been through a transfer may be able to advise more accurately - this just seems odd. Like transferring CC grades to MIT and being at the top of the class.

I agree that you’ll submit both transcripts to colleges. I would also call the old school and ask a counselor there to send the school report as well.

You can also ask the new GC to note the impact of the transfer and different grading scale on your student’s class rank.

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