Trust the internet?

<p>Ok, according to DoDMERB and the Naval Academy candidate info site, I now have everything I need...I was waiting on a medical waiver and a nomination and both have shown up now!!! Boy am I glad today was a snow day from school so I didn't wait until 3 pm to see that nomination!</p>

<p>So since I had an LOA (minus those two things), I THINK I'm set! Right?</p>

<p>Will be doing the mad dash to the mailbox for the next week with my fingers crossed.</p>

<p>I'm sure the DoDMERB site is correct. But the CIS site at USNA will not show DoDMERB status. It may take a week or even two for the letter DoDMERB sends out to actually reach your record before the board. It took over a week for my son's Cong. nom to show up on CIS.</p>

<p>Great News!! Best of Luck.</p>

<p>Congratulations, Marmadillo! We are right behind you!</p>