Trustee and Presidential

<p>Does anyone know when we will hear? The waiting is so tough....</p>

<p>Should be the last week of March according to the souces I 've spoken to at USC and also based on last year. Good Luck!</p>

<p>So I guess the strategy is to wait till we've heard from all other schools and then let us know about scholarships - I wish they could let us know earlier - oh well...</p>

<p>When I was going through the old threads here, people were getting them as early as March 25th last year... which is one week from today! Hopefully this year they will act the same, or earlier. ;)</p>

<p>They want you to know as soon as possible so you can start planning on attending USC and bonding with them (and the scholarship offer). Anyone who gets one of those scholarships is a highly coveted student so I am sure they are trying to get those decisions out as quickly as possible. Good luck to all- USC is a great school!</p>