Trustee Scholarship?

<p>I just received a letter in the mail today informing me that I was awarded a Trustee Scholarship worth $12K/yr. Anyone know what exactly this scholarship is?</p>

<p>Son received the Presidential - less than two weeks of acceptance letter. Worth 16K per year. Butler is very generous. Many merit awards come within 3 weeks of acceptance letter. Not all though.</p>

<p>I also got a trustee scholarship, I think departmental scholarships come in march, too.</p>

<p>i got the Presidential scholarship yesterday. i got my acceptance letter about two weeks ago.</p>

<p>I am curious. What course of study are you taking, ex: Finance, Pre-Pharmacy, Education?</p>

<p>Son received the Trustee. FYI - 3.7 GPA weighted; 33 ACT. Butler is on his short list and the scholly is a consideration.</p>

<p>Actuarial Science...surprised I got a scholarship considering I had a 2.9 UW. I'm a NMSF, though, so maybe that had something to do with it.</p>