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<p>Can any actual students and alumni comment on the social life on Duke? There's some negative stigma about Duke being very Greek focused, racially segregated, etc. I take it that these are false, but could someone describe about the social environment? Also, is Duke liberal, or conservative?</p>

<p>I am sure you can find some great info on the visit reports on Campus Vibe.</p>

<p>The social life at Duke is amazing, in my opinion. There are a wide variety of individuals and basically everybody can find their niche. Every campus has some issues and Duke is no exception, but there is still a pretty good community feel. Less than 30% of males and 40% of females are in Greek organization, so unless you think that 65%+ of the student body has no social life, then you'll realize not everything is Greek focused. They tend to have more parties, but there are certainly other options if you don't want to get involved in that. Sororities don't even have houses (although they'll start offering some option to live with other girls in the sorority on campus next year), so you can be as involved or not involved as you want to be. Some people choose to hang out with others with similar interests/backgrounds, but that's on a case-by-case basis and you can branch out to whatever group you choose if you make any effort. Like most elite schools, Duke leans liberal. The latest survey indicated 56% of Duke students consider themselves Democrats, while 26% consider themselves Republicans (i.e. 18% neither). A lot of the generalizations about schools are antiquated; most elite private schools have more similarities than differences in their student bodies. Duke has a very high retention and student happiness rate - I think that should demonstrate that most people are very satisfied with their Duke experience, inside and outside of the classroom.</p>

<p>bluedog- Thanks for the info. How're the student clubs? How's Durham as a college town (I'm from New England/Boston, if you could compare the two)?</p>

<p>Completely agree with Bluedog. </p>

<p>-Student Clubs-
There are so many; it's hard to generalize. In my experience, quidditch is awesome. There is a club fair early in the semester that lets you shop all the options. There are so many! I've never met anyone in a club who didn't like being in it. If someone doesn't like a club, they simply drop it. </p>

It's a small city, and you'll hear some naysayers complain about it; but Durham really isn't bad. The night life is pretty much confined to a few clubs (or really just one), but there're plenty of really good restaurants. The university, clubs, and frats/sororities/slg's provide ample entertainment on campus, so there's never a lack of something to do.</p>

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<p>ME</a> TOO MONOLOGUES 2012 | Her Campus</p>

<p>"Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion, Identity. Me Too Monologues is a life-changing show composed of incredibly moving monologues written anonymously by people within the Duke community and performed by the Me Too Cast. The production creates a forum wherein people can reveal their weaknesses, strengths, passions, failures, and insecurities to a broad audience without the fear of being judged by those listening."</p>

<p>Check out this video on YouTube:</p>

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