Truthful flaw or coverup

My situation is a rather simple one: All of my achievements stemed from some sort of flaw I originally had or still have. Thus, when I am writing my college essays, it always seems like I’m being self-depricating by blatantly showing a flow I had or still have.

My question here today is whether it is better to coverup and delete this part from my essays entirely, showing me off as a student with no flaws, or including my own identity and being brutally honest in my college essays by showing off a flaw I still have or once had?

thank you for your time.

Flaws are interesting. I actually think your first paragraph could be the basis of of interesting essay. What flaws lead to what “achievement?” Can you write an interesting story about how your flaw helped you achieve something?

In the event that this post is serious, you surely realize that there is no one who has no flaws. Colleges aren’t looking for perfect people.

Interesting take on this one. Thank you Lindagaf. I will take this into consideration.

And yes, this is a serious post. After looking over all of my essays, I have found that every single one of my essays has at least one self-deprecating part to them.

So what’s wrong with being self-deprecating? Nothing wrong with being able to recognize your flaws and having a sense of humor about it.

I feel that this depends of what the flaw is. If it’s the type of flaw that’s gonna make college admissions not like you or make you seem like a bad person (for example being rude/dimissive to people, being unable to manage your time, etc) then maybe don’t write about it or at least frame it in a way that doesn’t look like it’s going to make you less sucessful in college. However, if its a minor flaw or even a bigger flaw that you grew from than I think it should be fine.

Also make sure that by being self-deprecating your not insulting yourself but instead approach it by being funny