Trying not to freak out...

<p>Hey everyone. I sumbitted my REA application to Stanford on the 25th of October. In the common app I have two green checks for my application and supplement, all my transcripts/test scores/recs are in, and everything seems to have been sent well. But I haven't gotten any sort of confirmation from Stanford on this. Should I be hyperventilating, or is this normal? I know the Common App has had heaps of trouble interfacing with Stanford's system, I just want to make sure they can review my app for REA. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!</p>

<p>Definitely be calm, don’t hyperventilate. :)</p>

<p>There are still people who sent their apps in earlier than you and have not been notified that everything has been processed. If you want to know your application status, <a href=“[/url]”></a> and the check application status. But be patient.</p>